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Kaiba/Jounouchi Round Robin Ficcing Community

subdivision of jou_loves_kaiba

Puppyshipping Roundrobin
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This is a Puppyshipping Roundrobin Fanfic Writing Community.

This means that we write collaborative, fan-made stories depicting a male-male relationship between Seto Kaiba and Katsuya Jounouchi ("Joey Wheeler") from the anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! (YGO)

YGO is not owned by any of the members or moderators of this community. We are doing this for our own entertainment purposes. YGO was created by Kazuki Takahashi and is now owned by big corporations. (>_>).

Posting access is restricted in this community.

If you are a member with posting access to the community that means that you are a writer in the Roundrobin. You must be approved by the moderators and have read all the rules (detailed below).

Members the community without posting access can still see and comment on the entries. (For more information, please look at the LJ FAQs on watching a community.)
Please, get your friends to watch! Our authors appreciate feedback, so go and watch the community like crazy!

To check out the existing and past story-lines, please visit the memories.

The Current Plot Bunny
The plot was chosen from a poll of bunnies posted on jou_loves_kaiba.   
When this bunny is exhausted, we will go to a new one.

Working title: Joey as a street fighter, turned body guard - submitted by blackiesdungeon:
this is a future-fic, perhaps a handful years after graduation :)

jou didn't get a decent job and ends up being a professional streetfighter - he
is a lot taller and stronger, and has a reputation of being especially hard and
mean, and no one messes with him ;)

a buisness-partner of seto draggs him to an underground/illegal streetfight,
where seto sees and recognises jou as one of the fighters and watches him
fighting :) after the fight he speaks to him and i don't know why, but jou ends
up being setos bodyguard, because his other is not good enough ;) (perhaps some other fighter makes a move on seto and knocks the bodyguard out and jou helps seto ?)

then develops a first a friendshop and slowly a relationship between them - seto is more than turned on by the strong body and the hardness of jou, but also seeks to unbury the loyal and bright persona in jou and wants it back ;)

jou is the seme/top in this relationship, but perhaps seto is only an uke/bottom or relents after a fight to the stronger and bigger jou ;)

The current plot will run for 2 rotations.
This round there are currently eight authors. Each author is alloted a maximum of two weeks of writing time. If each author takes those two weeks, that means 16 weeks and if we multiply it by two, that is 32 weeks - or 8 months.

Author registration for kj_roundrobin is currently CLOSED.

Authors have posting access to the community. They take turns writing a section of the story following the rules set in the rules section below.

Once an author has posted their piece, the next author on the list will post their section, and so on. Once the posting has cycled though all the authors, it will begin again from the top.

List of Authors

darkmus: @ AO3

cheeky_duckie: @ ff.net

shirohime777: @ ff.net


safaat_keruth: @ ff.net

lloydoholic: Inu mo arukeba bou ni ataru | Trick Or Treat

shiko_sensei: @ ff.net | @ aff.net

cheesecake0: @ ff.net

Rules for all members
Please be courteous to the other members. Do not spam outside links.

Rules for authors
Comment on this page with a link to your fanfics or a sample of your writing. This is just a formality to prove that you have basic writing abilities. We want our authors to write in prose (as opposed to an all dialog script) and we do not want authors to post their entries in AOL speak.
Also include the best method that you can be reached (i.e., email or pm) so the moderators can send you reminders.

After confirming your participation as a writer, the moderators will add you the author list and grant you posting access.

We hope that no author will ever have to leave, but if you must withdrawal, please leave a comment here. Moderators will remove your posting access.

Current story posting guidelines:
Each author has two (2) weeks to complete their assignment.
Sections must be at least 500 words but no more than 1000 words. This is equivalent to about 1 to 2 page(s) in a word processing program.
The author must give a heads up and mention the name of the next author at the end of his/her post.
Please tag your entry as "story 2"
All lemon scenes must be under an LJ-cut and entry must be tagged with the appropriate warning setting (how to set an adult concepts flag).

Other Links
This community was ONLY created for the purposes of writing a round robin. So if you are interested in:
Puppyshipping (Kaiba/Jounouchi) then please visit: jou_loves_kaiba and A Dragon's Lair
General YGO stuff, please visit: yugi_fans
YGO fanart, please visit: ygo_fanart
YGO icons, please visit: yugi_icons

Helpful references for the Authors

YGO specific references
Koroko no Naka - Character FAQ , Episode Guide

Other references specific to the plot bunny
Watch Fight Club XD
Wikipedia entry on street fighting
For non-illegal fighting:
Wikipedia entry on mixed martial arts
Wikipedia entry on boxing
Wikipedia entry on Ultimate Fighting Championship

Wikipedia entry on bodyguarding
Wikipedia category page on protective security units

(if you have any other references, please PM darkmus)